Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailer

The Vorp Energy mobile solar surveillance trailer is designed for extreme toughness, simple set up, and years of trouble-free service. Our solar security trailer is designed for surveillance and communication in remote areas with limited to no power. With one of the largest solar panel arrays secured to a mobile trailer, it gets you the most power possible for your security equipment needs.


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Solar Security Trailer Features


  • 100% Self Sufficient Solar Powered System
  • Heavy Duty Maintenance-Free Steel Frame
  • Proudly Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • 21 Foot Stable Video/Camera Mast 
  • Mobile Platform that Can Easily be Moved Anywhere
  • Cellular Gateway Compatible with 4G/5G/LTE Internet Connection

Popular Uses/Applications


  • Construction / Jobsite Security – Prevent Theft / Vandalism
  • DOT / GOV – Monitor Road Work and/or Emergency Scenes
  • Events / Parking Lots – Protect Property & Reduce Liabilities
  • Security Integrators – Made for Security Professionals
  • Critical Infrastructure – Protecting the Backbone of America
  • Police Departments / Homeland Security

I'm a Security Integrator, how do I purchase a trailer?

We sell directly to a network of Security Installers just like you, across the US, Canada, Mexico and other international locations. Interested in becoming a Vorp Energy Integration Partner? Fill out the “Contact Us” for on the side of this page, or give us a call at (208) 904-0424 and let our sales team know that you’re interested in the Solar Surveillance Trailer product line!

I'm not a security installer. Who can I buy/lease/rent a Vorp Energy Security Trailer?

Not a security installer? Don’t worry, we work with a nationwide network of highly qualified security professionals. Reach out to our sales team about the property that you need to protect and we will put you in touch with a local security specialist. From commercial to industrial properties, oil and gas security or leak detection, to residential areas, parking lots, and even wildlife reserves chances are we know a skilled professional perfectly suited to your application.

Fill out the “Contact Us” form on the side of this page, or give us a call today at (208) 904-0424!

Does Vorp Energy provide Cameras for the trailer units?

We pride ourselves on producing a highly reliable, extremely rugged platform for security cameras. We focus on this, and do it well, so that our security professional partners can focus on what they do well, cameras. Rather than offer a few general purpose cameras we provide reliable power for whatever cameras you are familiar with!

While we don’t source or sell security cameras, we do offer wiring services to our Integration Partners that would like to send us their equipment. Reach out to our sales team for details!

Does Vorp Energy provide Wireless Equipment for the trailer units?

While all of our integration partners are usually pretty familiar with the camera technology that is out there, wireless camera viewing is something new for many security professionals. Even those familiar with point to point communications are usually in uncharted waters when it comes to using cellular data for security cameras.

Vorp Energy does not sell wireless equipment directly, but we maintain a small circle of technology partners who focus exclusively on providing wireless solutions to security integrators. Whether you need to set up a point to point network, or a cellular connection, our tech partners can provide a user friendly, pre-configured solution, that is truly “just add cameras”. Get more details from our sales team today!

Made in The USA

Proudly Made in the USA


From design to raw steel to finished product, Vorp Energy Solar Security Trailers are built right here in America by a skilled fabrication team.


Every Vorp Energy solar surveillance power trailer supports American jobs.


Our start to finish process keeps our lead times short, usually less than 5 business days. (Some electronic and trailer components may be sourced globally).

Commanding Visual Presence


The visual presence of our construction Job-site camera trailer is often all that is needed to deter would be criminals. With a sizeable footprint and a high quality, rugged appearance a Vorp Energy Solar Surveillance Trailer is sure to catch the eye of wrong-doers.


Contact our sales team to ask about Demo pricing on a unit that will grab the attention of new clients in dozens of new industries!

mobile solar security camera trailer

100% Solar Powered


We’ve applied nearly a decade’s worth of experience powering remote surveillance and security to the design and production of our Mobile Surveillance Trailer.


With thousands of systems in the field operating reliably, it’s safe to say that we know what we are doing when it comes to mobile solar power for IP camera and security installations.


The Vorp Energy Surveillance Trailer has one of the largest solar panel arrays available on a mobile platform, giving you the most power possible with the smallest footprint.

Need More Power? Add a Generator


Easily add a gas or diesel generator to the the Solar Surveillance Trailer when you’re equipment absolutely cannot go offline. Autostart-Generator and remote system monitoring features are available.


Need Class 1 Div 2 Ratings? Consider a methanol fuel cell. Contact our sales team if you think this might be a requirement for your deployment.

Backup Generator Cut-Away

21+ Foot Extended Security Camera Mast Height


Reach high enough for nearly every deployment in seconds with the 21 foot camera mast. A 4 foot, detachable head-end extension makes deployment and retrieval a breeze, along with a small height boost. Need to get higher? Ask our sales team about a larger mast or a longer extension!

Versatile Coiled Cable


Need to run an NVR or other larger server? Not a problem with the Vorp Energy Surveillance Trailer. There is plenty of space for equipment inside the trailer, where it will be well protected from tampering or the elements. One CAT5e cable runs to the top of the surveillance mast, along with an 18-2 power cable for any other equipment at the top. The cable is protected inside of a thick plastic sheath.

High Wind Stability


Surveillance camera installations require a stable mounting location in order to get a clear image. Especially when using advanced person/vehicle detection analytics, a camera that moves in the wind will produce significant false alarms. Vorp Energy’s Security Trailer camera mast features quick clip stabilizing guy lines to improve an already stable mounting location.

Top of Pole Packages for Cameras and Communications (Customized to your needs)


Many applications might call for a simple configuration with a few fixed lens IP cameras and a point to point radio. Others might require 2 huge PTZ cameras, a 2-way audio setup, a siren/strobe, IR floodlight, and a cellular modem.


Maybe you don’t even need a camera, and just need to run some work lights for a job-site from dusk to dawn. Whatever the application, we will provide you with a top of pole package that makes your equipment installation as easy as plugging into a labeled power/data port.

mobile video cameras
Half-axle suspension system for solar security

2,000 lbs. Half Axle Suspension


A half axle trailer suspension system provides greater ground clearance, with a lower overall deck height than a conventional axle.


The independent suspension lets our Mobile Surveillance Trailer go nearly anywhere you can get with your truck.

Stabilizing Corner Jacks 


Quickly stabilize the entire Solar Surveillance Trailer with a heavy-duty jack on each corner. For deployments where theft of the trailer is a concern these jacks can be used to raise the system enough to remove the wheels, and then lower the unit to the ground.


Slide out extensions are an available add-on for mobile deployments requiring a larger footprint.

Heavy Duty Off-Road Tires


A far-cry from being wimpy, every aspect of this Security Trailer is built to impress your clients, at a price that makes this unit a no-brainer for any integrator looking to get into the Mobile Surveillance rental arena.


This includes the large off-road, dark-rimmed mud tires that come standard on every unit. Pull something to your next installation that you can be proud of, ask our sales team about one-time demo pricing for new security integration partners!

Security Camera and Data Package (Optional)


Most integrators that we work with prefer to integrate camera models that they are familiar with and integrate well with the systems that they have in place. However, we have an extensive network of well-qualified technology partners that can help with nearly every aspect of an installation.


Whether you’re looking for a new cellular data partner, a camera supplier, or a completely pre-configured security package, our sales team would be glad to put you in touch with someone who can help!

mobile solar security camera trailer

Financing is Available


Save your cash and finance your  purchase! We provide a convenient finance option to our valued clients. Get the equipment you need with a low monthly payment. It’s simple with just a one page application. Once you submit your application, our financing expert will call to review the details and provide documentation. It’s that easy!

Specifications Solar Trailer Specs
Trailer Size 48″ x 88″
Trailer Footprint 64″ x 64″
Trailer Material Powder Coated Steel
Aluminum Enclosure Size 22″ x 30″ x 14″
Hitch Weight 200lbs.
Pole Height Extended/Collapsed 15 feet / 7 feet
Manual Pole Height Up/Down 10 feet / 5.5 feet
Solar Panel Lifespan 20+ Years
Adjustable Solar Angle 22° – 73°
Battery Charge Controller Advanced MPPT (Pre-Installed)
Solar Array Option 300W 600W
Weight (w/o Batteries) 480lbs. 540lbs.
Solar Panel Voltage 24V 48V
Panel Array Size 40″ x 65″ 80″ x 65″

Easily… Add Surveillance Anywhere


With a Vorp Energy Solar Security Trailer

5 Year Surveillance Trailer Warranty

Highest Quality Trailers (we use the best equipment available)

Factory Direct Pricing (We cut out the middleman and save you $1000's)

Short Lead Times (We can ship in as little as 2-4 weeks)

Easy Set Up (Move it anywhere and be live in 30 minutes)

5 Year Warranty (Don't worry, our industry leading warranty has you covered)


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